10 Cool Ideas to Beat the Heat This Summer


Summer has arrived and with it comes the heat! Temperatures can spike, especially in the afternoons when the sun is straight overhead. Staying Cool is one of the most important things in the summertime for your health. Here are 10 Cool Ideas to beat the heat this summer.

1. Community Pool or Personal Pool – Pools are one of the best ways to beat the heat and get exercise! Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise and in the summer days, you can keep cool in the body of water as you wade of swim. If you don’t have the personal pool, there are community pools open to the public in the summer. Contact your local city council for more information on where your community’s pool is.

2. Ocean, River, and Lakes— Any major body of water supplied by nature will definitely help you stay cool and the greatest part is that access to them are free! Certain access points may require payment for parking by the local Parks and Rec services but otherwise, this is a low-cost venture. For the ocean you can boogie board or swim near the shore. For River and Lakes, you can swim but also take a raft and wade in the cool water.

3. Go to the Mall or Catch a Flick—The mall is free to attend and it blasts its air conditioning to keep its patrons cool. Or you can go to the cinemas to watch a film in the A/C and just escape for a few hours. A lot of great films are being released in the summertime to keep audiences entertained, including Finding Dory and Independence Day 2.

4. Make your Own Waterslide— You can make your very own waterslide with household products at home! If you have a tarp, you can lay it on soft grass and use your garden’s hose to cover it with water. The most important step is to add either shampoo or dish detergent because you need it to make it slippery to slide along easily, which you can easily buy at the local dollar store.

5. Run through Sprinklers— If you are watering your lawn, you can run through your sprinklers with your bathing suit and keep cool that way. Kids particularly love this activity and whatever water isn’t picked up by moving bodies can be absorbed by the grass.

6. Take a cold shower or a cold bath – This is my favorite way to cool down. I like to fill my bathtub with cool water, grab my rubber duckie and a magazine to read and lay there for an hour relaxing on a hot summer’s day. Also, taking a five minute cool-water shower helps too.

7. Slurpee, Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt – Eating chilly snacks like a Slurpee, Ice Cream, or Frozen Yogurt helps to cool you from the inside. Plus these snacks are delicious!

8. Water Park – If you live near a water park, try visiting it during the summer! Not only are they fun but they will keep you cool as you fly through water slides. Many water parks have special discount days throughout the summer so if you contact your local water park, you can discover which days are cost-efficient.

9. Water Balloons – Water balloons and water guns are some of the best ways to getting wet while having fun! Kids love to have water fights and chasing one another while spraying water. Water guns and water balloons can be found for cheap, even in local dollar stores.

10. Ice Skating – Summer is the best time to visit the ice skating rink because of how cool it is in the inside of the building and also for how much fun it is to ice skate. A lot of times the rink will have discount days so call your local ice skating rink and find out when the family days are or when the discount events are.

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Rim High Seniors Gain $132,850 in Scholarships from Mountain Community

The Mountain Community has provided $132,850 in scholarships to Rim High School seniors, as reported in the Mountain News. Mountain Storage donated $500, as it has done for many years.  This was the second year where all applying applicants were awarded a scholarship.  The Mountain Community has shown time and again that they are investing in the future by aiding in the pursuit of higher education and greater academia.

A total of 182 scholarship awards were granted to 76 students, amounting to $132,850, and all of this was made possible by community funding and donations. The Rim of the World Communities Scholarship Council alone granted $35,700 in scholarships to 48 recipients. The night’s celebrations included the presentation of the awards and inspirational speeches. Recipients were encouraged to use the scholarship towards their education so that one day each of them can, in turn, give back to the community.

Mountain Storage donated $500 towards the scholarships because we believe that education is the pathway to a bright and prosperous future. We believe that the children of today will become the innovators and pioneers of the world of tomorrow and help us to realize our dreams. Giving and investing in our community is a philosophy that we harbor with great conviction and we are absolutely proud to have been part of helping the Rim of the World Scholars.

To see the entire list of scholarhip receipients, you can click on the link to Mountain News for more details: http://www.mountain-news.com/mountain_living/article_fb8e11aa-3358-11e6-9335-cb3154439f0d.html

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Five Facts about Flag Day

Flag Day is celebrated annually every June 14 and it is the date to celebrate the official adoption of the American Flag. The way to celebrate is to display the American flag at homes and businesses on June 14, as well as celebrate at any local parades and festivals in commemoration. Here are five facts about Flag Day:

1. President Woodrow Wilson declared June 14 as Flag Day in 1916 but it is not an official federal holiday because the holiday was never passed through congress.

2. There are countless festivals and parades throughout the United States commemorating Flag Day across the United States annually on June 14.

3. Nicknames for the American Flag include “Stars and Stripes.”

4. Since its creation, the flag has been changed 27 times. The latest change was on July 4, 1960 to include the 50th state, Hawaii.

5. Flag Day has its origins in 1885 when an elementary school teacher in Wisconsin honored “the Flag’s Birthday” on June 14, taken from the anniversary of the Flag Resolution of 1777, which defined the parameters of the flag to represent the new independent nation of America.

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